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What Says Apple Tv 2022


WHAT SAYS Apple TV 2021. hours spent analyzing scenarios evaluating alternative straw involutions it took me weeks to figure it out trying to understand it but at some point, the answer materialized in front of my eyes it was useless but even when an answer appears so clear not always all ‘inside the whole truth and therefore what is the meaning of apple tv in 2021 here you see the answer to this question is anything but simple in 2021.

The Google Chrome Cast 70 Euros With A Lot

It is literally full of excellent and above all less expensive alternatives I am talking for example of the amazon fire stick a 30 euros or the google chrome cast 70 euros with a lot of remote control, oh well then there are also all those lockboxes or in any case, those devices with android tv inside that I don’t even mention in this context because they are not up to par and do not have the same direction as that of we are talking about in short.

Here we are talking about a small black plastic box that placed 160 euros and asks spontaneously I where the difference lies and we are in fact here to understand it point number one integration truly gigantic and perhaps too much-discussed theme is clearly that of the ecosystem but it is also a bit the point where apple tv stands out from the competition if you are inside the world apple you have practically no choice automatic configuration thanks to the proximity of your smartphone integration with instant airplay it in any multimedia content that you have for example inside your iPad or your mac even.

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The Touch Interface To Move In The Menus Needless

If you do not find the remote control or you are particularly lazy you can call up the appropriate interface directly from the launch control of the iPhone one touch automatically connects without any request to the TV and you can take advantage of the touch interface to move in the menus needless to say you can also fill in the terrifying login and search fields using a comfortable integral keyboard without smacchi n are with the buttons on the remote control then in reality.

There are also other small goodies such as the fact that you can create completely customized routines through the apple command interface I do not know imagine having an NFC sticker applied on your chair it cost a couple of euros a pack of 10 on amazon beautiful link below in description 2 tricks and you can place your smartphone on it when you sit next to your chair, of course, the tv turns on not theater turns on it even sticks to the USB light which by brackets does not.

The TV The Apple Tv Application Opens Automatically

It is on sale so do not ask for one in the comments you see on the left of the TV the apple tv application opens automatically in short, you are ready to start your experience simply with this magic these are in fact those little gems where each device communicates with the other that I think they will also have a little understanding of how far technology has come and above whatever direction things should take they must talk to each other and simplify our user experience another gigantic theme linked to integration is actually.

That of monitor calibration. paint, for example, to touch your car, paint the wall of the house or you have simply printed a photograph or a drawing that you first viewed on your monitor, and then you found yourself with a print that did not correspond at all to the initial colors this, of course, happens because colors are a really difficult thing to keep coherent between different devices the colors actually change according to the light in the room a sunny day will bring a much warmer light into.

But In A Professional Field Photo Video Graphics

The room a neon light those typically office ones are much colder thus targeting the perception of the color you are looking at on any screen or on any artifact and there is a reason why, for example, the lights inside museums are also studied. Now I don’t know if you know it but in a professional field photo video graphics to overcome this problem, there are expensive devices that allow you to calibrate the monitors according to the ambient light all this nice preamble to tell you what becket new tv or former that mounts this apple tv and also the previous one since we can update.

It allows you to take advantage of the camera of your iPhone in a truly brilliant way since the black box of which is made positive not to sensors of any kind the function is called color balance and in effect, your iPhone becomes a sensor capable of capturing the color temperature of the light in the room and therefore adjusting consequently the colors emitted by the TV to have a practically perfect image if you think about it both Sonos and a p or later they do something very similar.

They emit a calibration sound you go around the room with your iPhone the iPhone microphones are used to understand how sound bounces off the walls and calibrate the sound output of our device accordingly further goodies than how the audio devices of your ecosystem are integrated into apple tv through the appropriate interface behave exactly like on iPhone thanks to the smart chip they connect with a touch.

The Signal Between Home Theater Headphones Or Even Use

And are always active on command without having to hold pressed without having to select in short, everything is very fluid we can also divide the signal between home theater headphones or even use the shore audio function by connecting two different airports to follow a movie a TV series without disturbing anyone maybe together with your partner and your partner even a kit it is very well integrated into its prior functionality Nepali, in fact, we can activate deactivate.

The scenarios with a simple touch as well as view the security cameras directly on the TV there are also other small goodies such as the smart bells that make the notification appear directly on the screen in short, it is really nice there would also be a further cool that I show you but with a bad taste in my mouth I am talking about fitness plus the new service for doing guided exercises by apple and there is even the possibility of connecting with .

The watch to the apple tv to see your statistics in real-time while you are trained as if it were a real sensor too bad that in Italy it is not available there are however many other things that here in Italy are not only available for example a lot of tv series that you can find on NetFlix of the other libraries America Korea japan etcetera obviate this problem although there is no version of the course for apple tv I can c To recommend the software that I use daily I am talking about surf shark that even the sponsor of this article serves not only to flow precisely the foreign libraries but also and above all to protect you when you surf you know in fact that by using any website you leave



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