This Is The Manufacturing Of Food In The Industry

Manufacturing Of Food


This Is The Manufacturing Of Food In The Industry. now let’s go friends let’s find out how our favorite foods are made [Music ] companies that sell sachets of sliced apples are equipped with machines that slice them in equal parts. 6 to then belittle the trenches in several pieces the machine takes care of transferring them from their row and even in their circle, no human interferes in this part the.

Manufacturing Of Food

Different Trays The Ice Cream Is Then Flavored

The slices then slide on a ramp where water is constantly flowing to clean the Layton the pieces then finish their races we end up in a roll to then be dispersed in different sachets the ice itself is made in large quantities before setting on the stick in different trays the ice cream is then flavored it is then cut in equal parts and a stick is inserted directly into the block thereafter.

The ice cream passes quickly in a freezer at -35 degrees to guarantee their freshness the ice creams are then taken a by one to be dipped in a large basin filled with chocolate and pieces of hazelnuts their course continues upside down to eliminate the excess of chocolate and allow the topping to dry once-solid they are quickly packed, wrapped up to be kept cool and.

The Potatoes Will Get Salvia From Them Trucks

Then be sold there again the industry does wonder the potatoes will get salvia from them trucks it first passes through a large rough tank full of water which allows the potatoes to be cleaned and the skin to be removed and all light thereafter a person checks that the size of the potatoes is correct for the larger ones will be cut in two one by one by a human their course continues passing through a machine.

That cuts them into very thin blades depending on the type of chips we modify the blade on a machine we can either deposit fries or crinkle crisps or dishes the chips are then loaded into a barrel of water allowing the food to be cleaned well until it reaches an oil bath heated to 332 grid after having taken a hell of sunburn it comes out golden brown but their adventure stops not there before being bagged.


The Coloring Is Complete They Are Divided

It goes through a small tank which finishes coloring them with coloring powder ensuring them a beautiful color once the coloring is complete they are divided into small groups to be thrilled if you have had the opportunity to go to the united states you may have spotted these little sore throat candies made from honey they are much coveted across the world. Atlantic ocean to manufacture them.

The industry also uses machines first of all the honey had gone on a large stainless steel plate with a roller it then goes through a multitude of small slides to fold and fold it again and again in long tubes the honey not under a notched roller to continue to be worked and compact and it continues its way to continue to be worked and comes to wind around a notched roller which is reduced gradually to make a large tube of very compact honey.

It emerges clearer and more solid to then arrive in a tray where the honey will dance to be dried and stiffen it then passes into another machine where the tube is cut into a very small village to the shape of the final candy they then come to be spread out on a long carpet and pass in a long path which allows them to be decorated a human I can not wait to recover them and stack them in another machine so that.

The Packaging By Imposing The Final Label

They are wrapped the last machine is used to complete the packaging by imposing the final label [Music] here we start by spreading the pizza dough the first machine takes care of cutting the surplus is to pass the dough through another device which cuts it in circular shape the surplus recover later to remake the dough and thus avoid wasting once the dough is well rounded another machine takes over to deposit the tomato sauce and spread.

It evenly over the entire surface once this task is accomplished, a person comes to collect the trays and send them to the different areas depending on the group they will have to have they will not be in the same place however the rest of the realization is not made by machines but by people the ravioli dough and first beaten in a large bowl before coming out completely smooth and flat it then comes to wrap around a roller the dough.

Then passes in another machine which cut it into the desired shape, the ravioli comes out in rows of directions that they land on a belt then they separate from each other the ravioli can have a different shape depending on the order provided the machined ‘before having already filled them, there is nothing more than to pack them in their final box [Music] if the mushrooms grow naturally in our forests, some sold in supermarkets have never known.

Manufacturing Of Food

The Guides Then Up To Large Baskets Once Arrive

The moss and wash. factories from the harvest to the canning all industrial we find the first machine from the picking the mushrooms once ready are cut and swing on large pa r automatic Debra several people are present to check that the size of the mushrooms is correct the mat the guides then up to large baskets once arrived at this stage the mushrooms are then but on another mat.

Where they will be cleaned and cut past the cutting the slices are in fact in small trays put in the film and the labels are stuck we continue with the cakes that we can find in our supermarkets if here they are American cakes the process is almost identical with us we start by the machine which takes care of the peace the cake at the same time as it installs the topping.

The Topping And Icing Are Carried Out

It turns around the cake to spread it out the technique is so precise that the topping never overflows afterward it’s another machine which takes over depending on the desired decoration it installs de-icing on and around the cake for larger industries the cakes are directly installed on a carpet and the topping and icing are carried out by several arms at the same time in terms of writing a person to write the word on a touch screen so that.

The robot can reproduce it as faithfully as possible. the most complex designs are also made in this way. Once the little chocolate ball is made, it takes the lamb all and the balls arrive very big in front of a good number of wise and disciplined machines they come, it is the elder comes rails to be wrapped in their golden paper once passed through the gear that they are wrapped they slide along a tube to end up in a bin they end their adventure by being dispatched in their box and then take their place on the supermarket shelves.