I bought the FIRST

I bought the FIRST

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I bought the FIRST.20 august 2021 tesla presents to the world the concept of a new robot with artificial intelligence on 11 may 1999 22 years ago sony left the world speechless by marketing the real streams robot prototype equipped with ios but returning a second to the presentation of tesla what that most left me absolutely amazed was what passed as a simple joke weapon that I think there are very few other technologies.

That Can Mix Charm And Fear, As Well As Robots

That can mix charm and fear, as well as robots, imagine now to bring everything to the nth power with a robot capable of learning from the world around him in a dynamic way and growing with a different personality depending on how he is educated think that he sold out in 20 minutes net and was only sold via the internet 23 years ago to give him some context in 2000 the first Prius was presented the best-selling phone was the Nokia 33 10 with its 126 million units and at the cine.

But Billy Elliot and the gladiator came out yes today here in front of me there is a second original and working series bought directly on eBay so make yourself comfortable leave a nice I like the article to support the series because this is the retro-tech but how cool is the original packaging but what quality is everything there is everything well oh well what a show guys I am very happy.

An American Edition Was Probably Sold Which

Because there is even the original packaging with which an American edition was probably sold which was then brought here to Europe and wow then I’ll explain how this thing worked on and bay there is a shop you can find it too is called toys something that sells a complete reconditioning of these robots the battery system has been replaced for the various parts that could be ruined in short it’s really crazy here there is a sealed envelope with I guess all the instructions part but look how cool.

It is colossal I don’t know if I mean it to this is an envelope that was placed directly in the original Japanese edition you can see that it even has this small stamp of the years there I am absolutely coeval with the existence of this product you see that it is all rusty all cast with the writings in Japanese and above all dear mine the original flyer in Japanese of the second generation but how cool colossal with a lot of stamps to the boss shops you see I don’t know Japanese but you can try to translate yourself. YOU CAN ALSO READ FINALLY iPad Mini Unboxing

There Is Even A Price Of 159 Thousand Yen Guys

If you have this competence there is even a price of 159 thousand yen guys we are really talking about an incredible piece of history how wonderful they put this part in me too I sell this little box we have ears and tail that are mounted part in fact the seller sent me an article in which he explains to me how to assemble this is a small plastic key which is used to disassemble the robot is used to detach the various pieces that compose it after t I will absolutely show what this means I think.

It is the famous very small air conditioning battery as you see 2,300 Milan for now really microscopic but probably more than enough to make it work another envelope look how cool guys I am so excited I had no idea it was so the inside of this robot in here is a sheet a letter of the hallucinated other than an American edition probably a Japanese edition this because there are the original letters with the serial numbers the year an invitation letter with the various numbers.

The Amazing Guarantee The Charger Which Then

That evidently they are used to get to the amazing guarantee the charger which then I will show you absolutely how it works but let’s come to the showpiece that is to our beautiful kant look at these pink balls then obviously they are used to play with him he can recognize them then I will show you how all this works what in any case we open the original packaging ev and we are our robot friend here it is the interesting part if you want is the fact that .

I paid for it on 700 euros something like that which obviously is not a little money but in short for the sake of collecting and for we are a chicken and so to bring you some content interesting I hope it is interesting it seemed to be the least look here tried like a chicken I imagined it much bigger and absurd Emma I feel like treating it well so as not to hurt it wow guys here it is among other things I thought it was in gray instead very very blue pleasant the same below you go to load you see.

There is a special function a flap that then allows you to install the famous battery and yes the hell yes there is the famous card this here and the personality card so let’s call it then I’ll explain how, however, it actually works installed and is original with lots of Japanese writings so it is a Japanese edition in all respects the very first c dare to know, however, is that this robot has nothing to do with the millions of automatic toy dogs for sale, it is not even a toy and it is not aimed at children. geeks in general if if if ok.

There Are A Lot Of Potential Opportunities In Which

I see that he too is quite worried about his online safety, in fact, he knows very well that when you connect to public wifi networks or in general when you surf the internet there are a lot of potential opportunities in which they can steal all your data we are talking about navigation data the last sites you have visited your credit cards to the various logins in short, there is no safe place without adequate shielding and that is exactly why I would like to advise you.

What is the my method of protection ie surf kitesurf shark you know it for sure I take it with me on any trip I take it c on me even in my home when I have to surf the net and automatically with a simple click from any device it allows you to place this shield between you and the criminals in short, I leave you a nice link to do a free trial I also leave you my discount code 8 which allows you to have 83 percent free and three months free on the annual plan and this allows you with a coffee a month to always be on the safe side to make you understand the level of evolution that such a product .