Here Are All Iphone 13s


HERE ARE ALL iPhone 13S. we start with the unboxing then gentlemen here in front of me you see it on the table there are a lot of trinkets the latest iPhone 13 we are talking about of the mini of the regular of the pro and of the pro max I have yet to understand which will be the one I will use for the most part even if so far you know I have always used a little max but this year perhaps the prof regular worked for the slightly smaller version and.

The Cameras Are Different So The Covers Must Actually

Then obviously the covers dedicated to each one I remind you that this year although the shape of the devices has remained quite unchanged as regards the most of their details the parts of the cameras are different so the covers must actually be updated in any case in addition to this we also have a wallet that I really use daily not in this purple color obviously in color and this is the updated version because it allows you to be traced directly with.

My iPhone that thing that we normally use to trace the keys through the airbags now they have also introduced it on these devices I can’t wait for this technology to expand to other types of objects in any case we start with the unboxing and see what are the differences with last year’s products I go in order of personal preference we start from the pro max as you can see the packages this year are plastic-free obviously a further novelty to that of the year last in which the size of the box has been reduced.

This Glass Satin Drives Me Crazy As A Clear Aesthetic

The power supply is removed there are 2 easy Piller both sides that allow you to view our iPhone here it is gentlemen always a good figure the iPhone in the sense that I really like this choice very much this choice that has made is then to make the edges in steel and the back in this glass satin drives me crazy as a clear aesthetic that this year there are no significant improvements from the design point of view they are practically indistinguishable as well as identical to those of last year.

This is the 13 Promax in a gold color that I use daily the only big difference you can see is precisely the size of the cameras these are much larger also in width and this is because obviously, they have increased the sensors they have improved the photographic performance which for me is the thing that I use the most. iPhone 100 percent of my article that you see on the outside are shot with an iPhone so it does not rain this is the best camera video camera.

A Very Beautiful From A Visual Point Of View

That you can take with you to tell your key life if you have to shoot movies I do not recommend an iPhone even if it would be worth trying this new so-called cinematic mode let’s not waste time but let’s remove the plastic that it protects it and I must say that this blue color in the picture or in any case I envy does not make it because it is very very beautiful from a visual point of view it could be a good idea to use this version even let’s say in my daily life although.

I am a great lover of the gold version that now dad among other things to open the gold version that has not changed at all compared to the 3d version we say to ourselves from version 12 sorry pro maxi my possession in the sense that the color chosen is the same great advantage of this rear body girl that does not line the front glass of my old iPhone does not rub the front instead rail cic here my possession is a disaster instead from this point of view absolutely rejected front glass.

We hope they have improved them I do not know this will be mix shield we hope it will have an effect I am going to turn this on too so now we compare them as regards if nothing else, the size of the walnut to understand how much it actually varied with this new version and we also try the new 120 hearts displays in the package as always there are the charging cables should bike this well you know I guess we have the usual cartouche with a single apple white not divided by color which allows us to attach.


It Is Very Dark And Borders On Black The Sense

It behind the car to look even more Tamara than we normally joke about something that I would never do here we have the model 13 let’s say normal this night blues version and I don’t remember wrong I don’t remember how it is called exactly the nuance they have chosen but it is very dark and borders on black the sense that it is really difficult to understand if blue or if I was it I find it but I do not know a middle ground that does not drive me crazy.

I would take it either totally black but I do not think it exists or precisely in another of them in another variant color for example this beautiful starlight blues is called I don’t remember how the names of these colors are however so far my favorite is blue gold probably this blue and then this dark blue I’m not crazy for dark colors, in general, I really like these shades clear that Apple is putting in its latest iPhones here is the mini that keeps us company with its small size at the expense of.

What were the rumors of which flop of these sales very beautiful this blue color boys beautiful congratulations apple for choosing such a refined blue, very beautiful, among other things, as reflected in the aluminum burgundy of this iPhone mini I really like it very much let’s turn it on too pho ne mini to the one that actually used less this year due to the fact above all that the battery is not able to take me in the evening for the use that I make of it?

The Smartphones Ok iPhone Actually Configured

That anyway guys I assure you is monstrous only of the content creator who has to continually create content precisely through his smartphones ok iPhone actually configured but little note I remind you to follow my telegram. directly on telegram just to get a lot of discounts a lot of offers daily to save a lot of money today we also give away a lot of amazon coupons to possibly buy the iPhones you see here in the object in any case link below in the description.

Here is a comparison neither to the omitted both at the same brightness, in reality, you see that the difference is significant it is much smaller the new no also if I think that you don’t notice that much the difference in the common daily use que there will be a little more space for the icons at the top I have to say that in the hand and as weight and as feedback it is perfectly identical to my Promax to which I am already used perhaps slightly brighter on the screen but this must be tested on the field then the snap ines is crazy as always but I want to say also my 12 was absolutely super fast.