Finally Ipad Mini Unboxing

FINALLY iPad Mini Unboxing
FINALLY iPad Mini Unboxing


FINALLY, iPad Mini Unboxing. this ninth-generation wifi iPad more serious was this entry-level designed for students for schools for people who do not want to switch to a little newer models a little more expensive even more performing of the line then we have the apple you think is dedic data to this ninth-generation iPad we obviously have the apple pencil designed for the iPad mini because it is very cool about this iPad mini and.

A Case A Purple Smartphone Dedicated To iPad Mini A Sim

That also works with the brand new one think about the second generation the one that also works on the pro and on the air and then we have obviously a case a purple smartphone dedicated to iPad mini a sim because I remind you that this mini is entrusted to be also cellular here we can use the connectivity while we are around and then a smart keyboard with which to use.

It when you are in mobility to replace a computer for a laptop for some of the tasks obviously so let’s start with the unboxing I start with our very beautiful protagonist this very tender box so small and compact I go to open its packaging as always the cartouche that welcomes us welcomes us protects and remind you that these iPad minis exactly like last year’s iPad air can be selected zionati in various chromatic shades in this case is.

It Here Made Entirely Of Aluminum Very Nice

This very particular purple is very pleasant you see it here made entirely of aluminum very nice are guys nice compact nice comfortable to hold obviously this here is cool for a series of uses that maybe you are not even imagining it you have seen I also talked about it with the good game but you also saw it in the presentation there are many boat plane pilots of any means that need navigation that is not integrated perhaps in the instrumentation with updated maps with LTE connectivity.

And use a tablet in their everyday life here is a small device like this for example in my opinion it is absolutely cool because you can really hang it anywhere it weighs very little and can really make a difference. air and above all if we won’t save a bit of money because the screen is still nice big and the design is super modern hyper-performance performance, in short, I would also evaluate it from this point of view inside the package then we have the usual cartouches that characterize all apple devices.


We Have Cable In USB CVS Bike Package

There are no apples and I seem to see in reality yes there are these beautiful explanatory screens but there are no stickers or maybe I’m not seeing them as it has already happened in the past after which clearly we have USB charger c. from the wall we have cable in USB CVS bike package because yes, of course, another cool dash compared to the original model is that clearly arrived at the USB type c on the bottom this obviously opens up an infinite series of other possibilities in the sense that.

Here we can connect hubs to attach SSD or hard drives disk in general to exchange files we can attack cameras directly download the files and inside we can attach third-party accessories of a lot of things that can be managed via USB type c here are the two tablets currently available in the apple line up the air is the mini look at the dimensional difference between these two objects I must say significant in the sense that the shrinkage is considerable despite being to .

We Have A Fairly Performing Room

My liking as a dimension precisely the air in the sense that it is perfect for home use for a sofa using but this object thought perhaps also for students for people who maybe must use the school and still need a screen on which to read on which to watch their books take notes with their pencil in short, it can really make a difference then we have a fairly performing room in the sense that if I remember correctly it is the same as the iPhone 12, therefore, should have.

Let’s say, a super dignity from a photographic point of view but as I said, the great killer feature of these new pads, in general, is precisely this possibility of configuring them together with the paul pencil, in my opinion, the apple pencil is quite fundamental clearly it costs another 100 euros more remember it I do not remember exactly the price however it is not included in the package as well you will know, however, it certainly makes a difference to have an object of this type.

When interacting with the iPad notice how you think downloaded it is connected on the side it is actually perfectly integrated see how we say the size obviously does not exceed that of the iPad in the strict sense small detail I can finally use this very fine leather shoulder strap that they sent me a long time ago I thought but here there is actually no iPad air there is no iPad obviously pro there would be an iPad mini perfectly but I cannot use this birdseed to go around, in this case, a small object especially if.

A Very Nice Object To Carry Around To Watch The News

There is not much space available if you have to travel you have to move it’s absolutely perfect you see you put on our iPad put on the pencil may be put on a hyper-compact charger and it can really be a very nice object to carry around to watch the news to write obviously we are not talking of a professional device designed to work etcetera guys I have to say that the form factor holding them in your hand in this way so compact so cute is really nice then I have to say that live the edges.

That during the presentation phase maybe we’re a bit questionable in the sense that they seem particularly big they do not bother so much they are obviously the same that you see on the iPad was actually they are a little thinner among other things if you want these foxes for very cool you can find them on octagon point shop life is nothing but a wonderful tangled succession of perfect moments the wind that replies spills on car bodywork the refined balance disability and crunchiness the plate the music.

The Edition Each Design Is Made In Vector Graphics

That details how it time the joys the pains of our every breath but that’s disgusting no sorry but I refuse to enrich your life over the years let yourself be inspired by our wallpapers hand-drawn in limited edition each design is made in vector graphics, yes but uncompromising sharpness [Music] get point shop we bring beauty where there is no known now your perfect moment notice the fact that they have placed volume controls at the top not on the side as in the iPad Ernie the iPad pro.

This can be very convenient when we are in horizontal mode to change the volume very easily this is the interface as you can see we already have the brand new ios indeed to the padres I must say that they have linked a little bit across the interface clearly the icons are smaller than we can t For example on an iPad air, however, all.

The functions remain practically unchanged you see we have yes widgets yes obviously our beautiful applications both horizontally and vertically interesting It might have left less space on the sides look here how much space remains in the whole frame around but perhaps they can be expanded from this point of view .