7 Top Of The Range Smartphones That Will Surprise You

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7 TOP-OF-THE-RANGE SMARTPHONES THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU. we start right away with apple the last born of the brand was published in October 2020 we will only talk about ProMax here although its little brothers are also very successful we find a 6.1 inch OLED hdr 60 hertz and super retina screen it offers very good brightness and the color rendering is very faithful .

Top Range Smartphones

The Greatest Happiness For Apple Fans

The smartphone comes on board ios 14 and all the new features that go with the system are still so intuitive and fluid for the greatest happiness for apple fans the 14 bionic chip has exploded the performance of the phone if Giga of ram and paul the chip to make it the most efficient smartphone of the moment for the photo 3 sensors are present on the back with a lidar bonus ultra-versatile.

The iPhone 12 pro max offers software processing and one-hour Allen jean which learns from your photo habits finally for autonomy we count on a good day and a half before having their master in charge you will understand it the iPhone 12 Promax comes to titillate photo enthusiasts with excellent arguments the smartphone is completely elegant and powerful apple even prepared.

5G Compatibility The S 21 Ultra Has Everything To Seduce

It for 5 g compatibility the s 21 ultra has everything to seduce a satin matt glass back a beautiful photo module at the back which assumes integrates intelligently to play the card of originality its size its AMOLED screen continues to be improved and delivers here an exceptional panel the color palette and rich and its refresh rate at 120 hertz and allows a fluidity unattainable at present in terms of performance.

We find the Exynos 2100 processor which offers an impressive power the word united software meanwhile offers a very pleasant interface and rich in features on the photos and videos side, the s-21 ultra shows remarkable versatility, there is the main sensor of 100 8 megapixels which is bursting with the performance the 10 x optical zoom offers impeccable quality and the 100 x zoom is far from finally be ridiculous for autonomy you can count on .

A Fine Seducer They Plead From The First Glance

It for a good day even in case of intensive use the smartphone adapts its battery to last as long as possible you will understand the s-21 ultra is a fine seducer they plead from the first glance and we are not disappointed with its capacities and its performance, of course, the s-21 ultra is more than compatible with the 5g su r the market since March 2020 the pay 40 pro remains at present.

The best asset of the Chinese brand the design of the smartphone is magnificent and very well worked in particular the comfort of grip which is well thought out the curved screen and very immersive despite a fairly large bubble Huawei has improved the gallery app catalog and thanks to its discovery, the installation of applications not available in the brand’s store is a little easier, it remains an excellent interface and .

The processor kirin 990 allows you to enjoy excellent performance especially for big 3d games on the photo side the pay 40 pro and very versatile is excellent on all points the quadruple-camera allows you to take very beautiful selphy shots and photos day and night finally count on Huawei to make you enjoy once again a smartphone that can last almost two days despite intensive use you will understand the Pai e 40 pro is an excellent smartphone.

Top Range Smartphones

It Is Particularly Pleasant To Use In Terms

Its technical characteristics allow it to offer a photo quality that can still compete and to enjoy an excellent autonomy at noon this pro was released in February 2020 equipped with a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 herth and hdr 10 plus it is particularly pleasant to use in terms of finish the brand hits hard by offering a smartphone with curved edges and.

A polished glass back for a very comfortable grip on the performance side the snapdragon 865 processor is the best on android the pro tell me and therefore fluid in all circumstances no problem to run the most demanding games on the photo side the smartphone offers very good versatility in broad daylight but sins a little on the clichés dark and nocturnal finally count on the tell me pro to accompany you for more than a day and.

A half wired charging is excellent e and is done in less than 45 minutes you will understand the smartphone does not lack qualities it offers beautiful finishes a curved screen well worked and fluidity foolproof and of course, tell me pro is compatible with 5g  we continue with the latest google pixel 5 released last September it is the first google smartphone compatible with 5g and having android 11 small is cute pixel 5 is smartphone access to the greatest number of by its very ease of use google decides to leave.


The Fingerprint Sensor At The Back While

The fingerprint sensor at the back while most of the competitors place it under the screen on the photo side google remains very good in this area the self has succeeded despite a small smoothing of the image and the rear is equipped with a wide-angle sensor of 12.2 megapixels and an ultra-wide angle of 16 megapixels add to that the magic of the algorithms of the mark and you will have a result more than finally satisfactory for autonomy.

The pixel 5 does much better than the old model and can follow you for two full days you will understand if it loses a little power against its big brother the pixel 4 it gains in particular in battery ergonomics in screen quality and in photos the pixel 5 is on the whole very successful and easily ranks among the best high- end smartphones [Music] its release is scheduled for March 2021 some information is kindly starting to circulate on the net of .

What we know the blog photo of the smartphone would look a bit like that of the iPhone 12 pro with two sensors of 50 megapixels, something that was already promised by the brand for a little while we could also find a screen adaptive 120 hertz and the presence of a Snapdragon 888 processor of call as thus promising a powerful and fast smartphone.

We End With The Eagerly Awaited P50 Pro

The device should be equipped with a double battery and would allow fi nd x3 pro to last thirty-six hours, however, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of spring to learn more about the fad x3 pro we end with the eagerly awaited p50 pro from Huawei if the brand does not change its habits we could find out at the end for the month of March 2021 photos of the front and back of the device have been successfully leaked via the slash lax site so.

We find a smartphone with a punch screen in the upper left corner the punch seems quite large but the screen is large enough so that it does not interfere with use on the back the photo module is loaded with no less than five modules 4 are positioned vertically and the 5th is positioned on the right on a black strip the flash and a laser sensor also comes to hide in this darker band thanks to the inscriptions on the photo module.

WWE can assume that an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens will be part of the adventure according to other rumors it pays 50 pros could offer a screen with a refresh rate of 120 hertz and finally, the presence of an audio system with four speakers also seems likely.

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