Technologies That Will Change Our World

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7 Technologies That Will Change Our World. everyone I hope you are well we meet to discover new technologies that could change the world or at least your daily life. The gadgets that will be presented to you already exist but some of them do not are not well known enough and could nevertheless make our everyday life easier let’s go let’s discover together this technology.

Technologies Change World

The Environment Around You Thanks

That will revolutionize our daily life this girl’s pole is practical and discreet directly integrated into a rigid smartphone shell you will always be equipped to immortalize the most important moments of your life the girls’ pole unfolds up to 50 cm to allow you to photograph yesterday a large group or the environment around you thanks to Bluetooth.

There is no longer any need to connect the cable to your phone to be able to use your pole integrated directly into the shell it will be immediately ready for use the pole is it can also be used as a kickstand to keep your smartphone upright on a table or any other practical support when you want to have your hands free running on battery it will be necessary to.

The Small Light Does Not Light Up

Put it to charge as soon as the small light does not light up panic about the size of the case the brand offers different depending on the model of your smartphone, however, make sure that your model is compatible with one of them to avoid unpleasant surprises if you have trouble getting up on the morning wakes up and probably done for you to use.

If you just have to set your alarm to the desired time to wake up the lilies in situ é on the top is triggered at the same time as the tear to turn off the alarm clock it will be necessary to catch the lilies and come there reinsert in the alarm clock you will thus have to get up not complicated to use it is equipped with a simple LCD screen allowing to indicate their five batteries are necessary for the functioning of the alarm clock finally for.

A Mixing Your Coffee Or Your Hot Chocolate

The alarms you will have the choice between the sound of an airplane or a helicopter taking off so get ready for taking off we continue with this thought mug for the lazier in the morning you do not have your eyes in front of the holes and mixing your coffee or your hot chocolate can become a very complicated task with this mug you will only have to put your hot and your coffee in powder and the mug takes care of the rest thanks to.

With its small integrated motor and the button located on the lens the mug mixes your drink quickly and efficiently, you will still have to press the button gently to avoid splashing assures the mixing is done thanks to a small propeller at the bottom of the cup which quickly mixes all the drinks so that the mug works as long as possible it is advisable not to put.

The Bluetooth 5.0 Is Integrated Directly

It is the dishwasher also avoid mixing while your bag of tea is present to prevent the latter from getting stuck in the lists. powerful battery the good and has a good autonomy of 12 hours the Bluetooth 5.0 is integrated directly into the cap the quality of the cap is not at all set aside on the contrary made with quality materials such as wool the cap is will be resistant over time.

And will keep you warm with a double thickness of the sleeve the cap guarantees heat retention even if the temperatures es drop below zero the cap offers quality speakers to offer you a powerful and pleasant sound regardless of the environment in which you are finally you will have to remember to make the first recharge before any use via the USB cable supplied with the cap there are projectors of all sizes.

But this one is so thin that it can be stuck to the back of your smartphone easily this small projector offers a 70-inch image and extends the duration by more than 60 minutes. battery life of your smartphone supplied with built-in support you can watch your movie anywhere and from any angle, the projector connects via your smartphone’s wifi and recharges via a USB cable.


We Continue With A Device Coming Straight

It is for the audio output you can use the speakers on the device or even connect a BlueTooth speaker to the projectors we continue with a device coming straight of the future if flying cars are not yet on the program, the smallest devices such as speakers can already be stolen or at least avoid it enjoy your music via this speaker connected by BlueTooth from your smartphone or tablet with its 8 hours of autonomy this little musical ball can avoid.

It is on the spot thanks to the electromagnetic platform located just below the speaker turns on itself during its levitation and thus offers a rather homogeneous 360-degree sound thanks to the integrated microphone it will also be possible to make calls from your Bluetooth speakers finally to recharge it you will have to come and put the speaker on another base connected to USB c unfortunately.

Technologies Change World

The First Environment Simulators For Pc

Its levitation base does not allow recharging at the same time we end with a gadget intended for gamers who we watch the vortex is one of the first environment simulators for pc it allows to create wind effects o u of heat in real-time working with any game so you can feel the heat of a grenade explosion or even feel the wind on your face during a parachute jump this device includes a ceramic heater and a fan high power.

The whole is embedded in a shell resistant to temperature changes if the wind or the heat is too powerful for you you will be able to adjust the force via a sensitivity dial you can also change the color that the led projects for more realism and here you are, friends, that’s all for today if you liked the article let us know by clicking on the blue thumb. activated the bell of notifications so as not to miss anything of the high tech news as for me I will find you very quickly for r discover new high-tech objects go take care of yourself and see you next time.

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