New High-tech Gadgets Of A Higher Level

High-tech Gadgets


7 NEW HIGH-TECH GADGETS OF A HIGHER LEVEL. we are going to talk about gadgets and innovation technology never ceases to amaze us and that is why we have decided to present you these gadgets of a higher level but before going any further open wide your eyes and immediately discover 7 new gadgets of a higher level than ovide obliges we start with a gadget.

High-tech Gadgets

Your Life Elegant This Box Embeds UV C Technology

More than topical today we have to wear masks almost everywhere and generally, once it is no longer on the tip of our nose it ends up on a piece of furniture in the passenger seat of the car or worse on the floor that’s why this small transport case can easily make your life elegant this box embeds UV c technology it These are 6 powerful latest generation LEDs offering a wave range of 270 nanometers UV c light eliminates the germs present.

And prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses decontamination is done in 15 minutes once it is activated by the button located on the top of the device if the case is fully charged you can decontaminate your mask about fifteen times the case turns off automatically if it is opened during a disinfection cycle the case is small enough to slip into a coat pocket or in your handbag it will be much easier to carry.

The Water Spinnaker Shooting Was Designed This Machine

It here is a small new generation hand washing machine for many clothes and in particular fragile materials and underwear -clothes require hand washing separate from other clothes handwashing prevents discoloration and eliminates germs but it tires that is why the water spinnaker shooting was designed this machine and the perfect combo and offers washing and drying clothes with a capacity of 2 liters.

It is possible to deal had for example up to 8 underwear at the same time the power of its engine is similar to the power of the motor of an ordinary washing machine and five times more powerful than conventional folding washers the motor is made from copper ensuring long-lasting performance and silent operation moreover this solution is ecological since it requires much less ‘water and electricity here is an all-in-one device.

The Same Room Several Themes Are Present

That integrates light and sound aromatic therapy this small device adapts and transforms throughout the day to create a different atmosphere in the same room several themes are present and allow you to relax to help you fall asleep or to stay focused, everything is inspired by science and nature at Romeo Scene uses aromatherapy diffusion without water by simply using the pressure of pure air no additives are inhaled thus.

The aroma and water pods are made from 100% natural ingredients it consists of a mixture of ‘ natural essential oils and organic alcohol easy to use just press the button and enjoy the experience the application at Romeo allows you to launch it remotely and select the theme of your choice it is also possible to connect it to a smart home device such as the google aum here is a ring-like no other.

A Sliding Your Fingers On The In Front Of The Table

This ring connects via the Bluetooth of a computer and no software is needed functioning as a mouse or a touchpad no more need to move your working hands-on any hard surface it is worn on the index finger of the left or right hand with this ring you can move the mouse pointer by sliding your fingers on the in front of the table the left click is done by tapping on the surface and.

The right-click is done by tapping with your middle finger on the surface as for the scrolling it is enough to move the index and the middle finger at the same time up or the bottom your computer is now at your fingertips here is the first self-folding three-axis phone frame in pocket format volume 2 detects actions for automatic starting and folding with an integrated tripod and an extendable handle.

It is perfect for shoots and videos from smartphones as light as an apple it stabilizes the image very well it avoids shaking and tremors and offers three axes of tilt and panoramic it thus balances the phone’s camera to allow videos to be obtained fluids and stable at home 2 is currently the only stabilizer that supports fast charging it only takes an hour for the battery to be full at last the pro device.


We Are Now Interested In The Hygiene Of Our Little Companions

There is also a dedicated filming application that offers very interesting functions it offers, among other things, recognition and face tracking, time-lapse, slow motion, or even the panorama, we are now interested in the hygiene of our little companions the cats if you have felines at home you know the unpleasant hostages of cleaning the litter here is an automatic litter box that collects your animals’ excrements for you and disinfects.

The box with a UV disinfectant integrate this process eliminates germs and bacteria thus providing your animals with a healthy and clean litter box at all times the litter box is detected as soon as your cat has passed through it once the animal has come out a cleaning process only set of the cycle the globe then turns twice for two minutes the clusters of your cat are then placed in the waste bin equipped with.

A charcoal filter to control odors. waste should only be emptied every five days or so and a small bonus the litter is equipped with a scale to monitor the weight of your cat designed to be installed in the Radisson it allows felines to enter the litter more easily you can finally use the litter of your choice since the device supports all types, whether agglomerating crystals or even gel, we finish with this communicator designed for adventurers.

High-tech Gadgets

The Microphone Without Preventing You From Hearing

If low-distortion digital microphones are present they allow noise reduction wind or any other surrounding noise with just one click it is possible to deactivate the microphone without preventing you from hearing what is said thought for any type of excursion milo is certified ip67 which means it is waterproof water and dust resistant impact resistant and can work in all weather designed to enhance.

The safety of your adventures while remaining very so simple the milo has no push-button no wifi or cellular network is necessary to make it work its small size allows it to hang anywhere to always keep it within reach it will follow you all day long thanks to its powerful battery that allows it to last 24 hours each network of groups and encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of the people.