7 Gifts Of The Future That Will Make Your Everyday Easier

Gifts Of The Future


7 Gifts Of The Future That Will Make Your Everyday Easier. hi, the company I hope you are doing well we meet again today to discover these really nice gadgets of the future technology makes our daily life easier and easier but also our work before going any further let’s immediately discover this incredible gadget of the future OCS 2020 Samsung unveiled.

Gifts Of The Future

This Gadget Is A Whole New Input Method

Its latest gadget the self e-type this gadget is a whole new input method for smartphone users this new virtual keyboard is powered by artificial intelligence and facial recognition it allows to project a qwerty keyboard full virtual on any hard surface the device uses the front cameras of the smartphone or tablet through recognition of image it can determine what the user is entering in real-time.

It is in front of cameras and artificial intelligence there is no longer any use in displaying a keyboard on the surface you just have to tap on your desktop for the words to appear on your screen it will probably take a little time to adapt to this new technology but for those who are used to typing on a keyboard, the learning should be fast the most impressive.

Its Future Smartphones But Also On The Latest Models

It is. is that the self e-type does not need additional hardware to function Samsung announces that the technology would probably be available directly on its future smartphones but also on the latest models released thanks to several software updates to the one I this keyboard for has greatly improved the typing experience of smartphones which can sometimes be complicated especially for users from Audois imposing.

Here is a disinfectant robot d he latest generation the robot can be controlled via wi-fi or remote control according to your preferences designed to be installed in all medical facilities it is equipped with a secure application and storage accessories to avoid incidents its design is elegant and goes everywhere it will be able to go unnoticed by the eyes of the youngest.

The Brand Benz Offers Us A Real Jewel

This robot allows us to disinfect the parts thanks to a new you slam technology based on rays harmless to health all pathogens such as bacteria or viruses are eliminated from a room, unlike the connected bracelets that we already know the brand Benz offers us a real jewel more than a tool it is first and foremost an elegant object the flexible OLED screen encompasses.

The entire bracelet the closure of the jewel is generated by small clips on each side and by a magnetic connection this double closure ensures the security of the bracelet to avoid r of possible falls a small rubber mosson is located inside the bracelet to ensure the comfort of the user to avoid friction so even during your sports sessions you can keep the bracelet on the wrist to be able to be worn by the biggest number Behance offers two sizes of bracelets concerning.

The Device The Bracelet Promises

The possibilities of the device the bracelet promises you to receive all your notifications directly on the wrist whether it is your messages or your sports follow-up you will be able to have access to them at a glance small vibrations let you know when you receive new notifications completely touch the OLED screen allows you to have direct access to all the applications you might need.

The screen can also be divided into several parts to allow you for example to keep their desire at all while having access to your latest notifications to refuel the battery all you need to do is put your bracelet on its wireless charging base, count a good ten hours of battery life once fully charged innovation is everywhere so here is a state-of-the-art life jacket for aquatic sports thought and designed to be comfortable.

It is made with polyester and lycra so it will be comfortable and light it can easily slip under a swimsuit or a t-shirt without worrying this vest is anti UV to protect your skin from the sun’s rays it can be inflated quickly automatically or manually as needed the mixture of polyester and lycra also helps stabilize the body temperature especially in cool water and thus delay hypothermia as much as possible so only jack could have had.


The Titanic Has Sunk A CO2 Cartridge

This vest when the titanic has sunk a CO2 cartridge is present to allow the vest to be quickly inflated so that it is activated, just shoot on the red cord, the inflation chamber allows for manual inflation of the adjustable life jacket for the whole family the life jacket is fitted with a nylon belt and a pressure buckle to be able to adjust to all sizes including children.

This little purifier dresses in a rather cute discreet look and goes everywhere you can take it everywhere with you its process changes somewhat from what we already know first of all a Liebherr of negative ions and positive in the air then distributed everywhere using its fan once suspended in the air lesions will search for contaminants such as bacteria or viruses to break them down working very well on pathogenic components.

The purifier avoids also the appearance of bad odors thanks to the same process the molecules of odors are destroyed the house remained healthy this small purifier is ideal for people having respiratory problems or significant energies small size obliges its field of action does not exceed 30 cm it is however quite sufficient if you decide to wear it around your neck on battery.

Gifts Of The Future

The Purifier For Two Hours Via A USB Cable

It will be necessary to charge the purifier for two hours via a USB cable is to enjoy 10 hours of purification [Music] here is any super practical magnetic gadgets flexible it allows you to work at the same time on several screens rotating up to 360 degrees you can adjust it as you see fit to enjoy the best angle very practical it does not require any mounting or installation no screws no holes and no tripod you can work properly without being encumbered.

The magnetic energy released by the two magnets is powerful enough to easily hold a smartphone, a tablet, or even a small auxiliary lamp we finish with this handy mini iron. s need water to be used light it has a flat design that does not exceed the size of a hand when folded it can accompany you everywhere without taking up much space in the suitcases just like.

To Iron All The Materials Six Temperature Levels

With a traditional iron, you can take care of all your clothes without fear of damaging them to be able to iron all the materials six temperature levels are available and thus avoid burning or damaging the various fabrics finally if necessary the iron can be folded to that.

Their passages are faster and more efficient for example for the sleeves of pants you will only have to fold it back on itself to iron more easily and avoid small folds finished the bulky and complicated irons make it easier for yourself a task and empty your cupboards even while staying at home the iron can become an excellent everyday ally.