Future Means Of Transportation For 2050

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Future Means Of Transportation. the means of transport of the future thought for the 50th anniversary of the company ital design pop up next anticipates the challenges that the next 50 years could bring this concept could thus make it possible to solve the problems related to the urban planning and traffic in city centers more the ecological countdown and start more and.

Future Means Of Transportation

A Cars Which Could Turn Into Flying Vehicles

More companies are embarking on the transport of the ecological future pop-up thus combining the flexibility of a small two-seater land vehicle and the freedom of the speed of an air vehicle, as you will have understood, we could therefore see the appearance in a few decades of mixed cars which could turn into flying vehicles in the event of a traffic jam because of the first images one might think that.

The German brand Audi would put its two cents in the concept by taking care of the design that would give a certain prestige to the transport of the future other big names that we find integrated into the airbus project the latter is firmly committed to the development of the mobility of the future by offering its services for all the aeronautical motorization of the device of.

The Ride This Dashboard Could Be Directed By

What the images of the company show us we could find a simple touch-sensitive dashboard allowing to choose its destination and to look after during the ride this dashboard could be directed by the eyes or via the install commands between the two seats we continue with a project that comes straight from china these buses were designed to span traffic and a whistle says all traffic also called straddling bus or strike express coach.

The first prototype was developed in 2010 but will not be relaunched before 2016 a little later in the same year many countries including France will show their interest in the project but unfortunately, we will realize that it was all deception and deception indeed Beijing CEO of the company which was supposed to manufacture the vehicles used the relaunch of the project to mount an advertising campaign aimed at attracting gullible Chinese investors in.

The Rails Integrated Into The Road s His Legs To Avoid

In the end, it is $ 26 million which will be defrauded but let us return to the basic project which however is based on good ideas long and wide the bus could therefore in legs and vehicles thanks to the rails integrated into the road s his legs to avoid the cars thanks to an elevation system and sensors that could detect the presence of objects if through its traffic jams the bus slows down to avoid the cars once the traffic jam is passed.

It would resume its cruising speed the buses could also stoop to pass under bridges and get onto a single rail when traffic is faster in the event of a collision with another vehicle airbags would be triggered and emergency evacuation doors would open to get people out the stations would be positioned on platforms the same height as the bus to avoid any risk of the accident [Music] if Audi launches into the futuristic market.

Future Means Of Transportation

A Single Living Room The Steering Wheel

It is not the only one to make this bet Mercedes makes us discover its car of the future also via the model f zero looks so in motion the basis of the level of comfort and luxury still little achieved in the field e with four seats facing each other inside, the futuristic-looking car would consist of a single living room the steering wheel and pedals remain present.

If necessary a touchpad and five other screens would provide access to different interfaces useful for professional meetings for example or to simply pass the time during the journey the hybrid system of the car will allow a total autonomy of 1100 km of which 200 km of battery-driven and the 990 others on the electricity of the fuel cell side materials we would find walnut wood for the floor and.

A very soft glacier-white Nappa leather for the seats finally the Mercedes would communicate with its environment both visually and acoustically large led screens at the front and at the ‘rear sally a forward-facing laser projection system would be responsible for the visual part the acoustic communications repertoire could include re at the same time leaving the voice instructions in the form of a tube the hyper water could be our train of the future.


The Help Of Air Cushions In Low-Pressure Tubes These Engines

It could transport people and even goods in these capsules with an announced speed of more than a thousand kilometers per hour it could quickly become the fastest means of transport these capsules float with the help of air cushions in low-pressure tubes these engines are based on solar injections and are installed throughout the tunnels and allow to create a field magnetic.

This project in the tumultuous spirit of the famous Elon musk since 2013 on November 8, 2020, this project really materialized since for the first time after more than 500 tests the capsule boarded its first passengers it was a success although the speed is not exceeded 160 kilometers per hour the project should therefore quickly become reality and the first trains should be installed in the state of Nevada and.

If I told you that the transport projects of 2050 would offer a rocket flight the dream is not so far from reality you probably hear about it later but the company pays six are working on a project called starship this project wishes to be able to transport humans and equipment to Mars or even to the moon but the company does not stop there it sees it bigger and stronger indeed.

A Rocket Project Capable Of Transporting People

It is working discreetly on a rocket project capable of transporting people everywhere on land in less than an hour it would thus be possible to make the longest haul in the world in less time than a Paris-nice at the moment and although this project will put stars in our eyes we will at least have to wait for 2050 to see this kind of transport [Music] here is a concept car straight out of the imagination of a young designer from the university of shanghai for him the car of the future looks like a bull e completely autonomous electric glass is connected.

It uses a mobile application to be controlled in the manner of a vtc service although they do not steal the vehicle floats thanks to a magnetic levitation system a magnet strip and dresses the bodywork to allow different modules to be grouped together and thus move in a convoy without wheels the vehicle can move in all directions the concept car was also awarded during the competition organized by Renault in partnership with the London art university.

Transport Project Into Action The ESC iPod Are Air Capsules

It aimed to design an autonomous and connected electric car while the rest of the world was stuck on the news empty premises Dubai are starting to put their futuristic transport project into action the ESC iPod are air capsules that ensure the daily journeys the sky prods include four seats the independent electric motors propel the same to 50 km he ure above.

The city traffic jams braking is done in the greatest silence this grandiose project should therefore completely emerge from the ground by 2022 in Dubai she is currently working with three start-ups specializing in the subject sky train skyway and bim car the planned circuit should therefore be about 15 kilometers and will allow rallying all the groups’ key points of the city .

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