Best Intelligent High-tech Locks Of 2021

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Intelligent High-tech. Hi everyone I hope you are well we meet again today to discover the practical smart locks are connected these objects were which allow maximum security on your front door or on any which support from your home we are going to present to you the seven best of the current market but let’s discover right away.

Intelligent High-tech

It All Its Vocal Performances Are Also Available

The seven best third-generation smart locks of the brand this lock allows at first to be synchronized with Alexa from amazons practice you just have to speak to your lock to lock it or unlock it all its vocal performances are also available via the sentencing app the app automatically detects if it is locked you can also ave have access to a live transmission 24 hours a day to be able to monitor all.

The movements of the door to be able to let in the members of your family or friends you just have to send electronic keys via your smartphone the locking is done automatically when you go home the installation is done easily and quickly on your already existing sentence only small downside you will have to make sure that your lock is less than 4 meters from your box to avoid any risk of the beak.

The Locking Or Unlocking That Is The Fingerprint System

We continue with this lock-in stainless steel the use of steel makes it possible to put this type of lock on thicker doors without fear for its robustness easy to install it offers the locking or unlocking that is the fingerprint system or by smartphone, a keypad is also present for the backup of electronic keys or the use of a password the system uses eg u energy and the change of the batteries must be carried out every two years concerning the application.

It allows to have access to all the electronic keys of a say they but also to lock the door however it should be noted that the lock will not be installed on the existing pen your door it will therefore have to be completely modified this connected model has a simple touch screen on the outside no handle is present it does not retain fingerprints or tasks and fears no bad weather the application is standard and allows the most classic manipulations.

If Necessary The Four AA Batteries Ensure Operation Autonomy

We can in particular lock and unlock the door or configure the door code if necessary the four AA batteries ensure operation autonomy for a full year there will be no need to modify the door pen for this model, moreover, the system is equipped with the highest Hennessy security encoding available at the current timeline for the general public the risks of intrusion and hacking are therefore very limited the lock detects the vibrations of.

The strong and triggers an alarm when it tries to be forced this electronic lock of warts your door automatically when you return home or when you leave without touching the door the lock does what it takes to keep your home secure when you are away the neck y smart lock is easily mounted on the existing lock on your door in less than three minutes.

It is installed without having to neither to drill nor to hole the lock is clamped or stuck directly on the pen, however, making sure that your door is compatible before purchasing the application of the lock allows you to keep control at all times over your home you can also manage the access permissions for your family or friends you can also know when your children are coming home by receiving directly a notification on your smartphone with beautiful chrome color.


The House And To Manage The Electronic Keys

This smart lock offers a good locking system fingerprints app at the hot park the fingerprint recognition is done in less than a second and the error rate is the one of the weakest on the market, the application allows you to check who is leaving and who is returning the house and to manage the electronic keys when the battery is low the lock and sets a small alarm to warn without an owner to guarantee a long service life. battery life.

The josh smart lock has been designed with a low power consumption chip resulting in the battery being replaced every year this 4 in 1 lock offers an elegant and luxurious design it offers four ways to unlock your door the fingerprint the password an induction card or a mechanical key made according to what best suits the screen n tactile is clear and the password can go from 6 to 12 digits concerning the fingerprint it is recognized in less than a second more it recognizes the fingerprints of children.

Who tend to be shallower the lock offers a system of complex lock to avoid infringements and has no hole to avoid that we can see through finally the four AA batteries will last about two years before needing to be changed to avoid unpleasant surprises an alarm goes off when the battery is almost empty it offers six ways to lock your door according to your preferences you will have the choice between the fingerprint the password the induction card the key.

Intelligent High-tech

If An Intrusion Is Detected An Alarm Goes Off

The smart bio locked or the password via the application thanks to the application you can easily unlock your door or generate a temporary password with an expiration date if you are expecting guests this application also allows you to monitor in real-time who enters and leaves your house if an intrusion is detected an alarm goes off and the lock sends a notification to your phone regarding the password after five errors the door locks for five minutes.

When the battery drops below 15% an alarm sounds to inform you that these need to be recharged an additional battery effort or to avoid this kind of problem however if the electricity is also cut the battery drains it will always be possible to use the mechanical key present we end with the z4 co-brand this lock with BlueTooth technology is designed to be real smart according to the brand.

It offers one of the best user experiences by connecting your smartphone to your lock Facially you will be able to unlock or track the input data directly through the application of p read it allows you to select the days and times to which you wish to grant access to invite them by sharing a temporary password intended for them if the password or unlock the application does not suit you it will be also possible to use a mechanical key or a magnetic induction card Bluetooth allows recognition of your smartphone over a maximum distance of 15 meters to unlock.

When Your Family Is Sleeping If This Mode Is Not Activated The Lock

The door was quickly very practical if you arrive with your hands full you will no longer have to search long minutes your keys in your bag plus a silent mode prevents the lock from speaking when your family is sleeping if this mode is not activated the lock will alert you vocally when the door is open or closed.

This mode is activated directly from your smartphone like many other smart locks produced by Kayako has a small alarm for r warn you when its battery is empty you will then have to think about quickly changing the batteries this change should be done every year.

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